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Choosing from a place of inner freedom is Creativity

Outer expression of your inspiration is Talent.

In living your inspiration, there is no such thing as failure.


Know Yourself...Live Your Inspiration

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Clear Confident Connection


Akasha...The Imprint of Experience

Jan 15 2017
Interview with Anjali At the Light Table

Hosted by Naomi, Misty and Mama Louise, this episode features A.B. Arnold who discusses in depth the principles of Akasha. Learn how how and why we are all connected, and what we can do to make the most of the information we receive from cosmic consciousness and our own Akashic record to bring about world unity and inner harmony.

I am very happy with the direction my life is taking after working with you and can’t wait to see what happens as more of my own amazing transformation takes hold from doing this work!"

S.R. - Entrepreneurial Coach

Anjali, you are a rocket ship of awesomeness, pure white magic! Loved the Light Table Interview, we had to watch it in two parts because it was so FULL!

Steve Havill - Conscia Ventures California

I feel energized each time I listen to NeuroSound following the Akashic reading and treatment.  I notice my whole body vibrates at certain points in the session and I feel like I'm having out of body experiences. Very exciting, such rapid expansion!"

S.G - Soul Tree Akashic Healing client

I loved your talk! Your descriptions of the 12 dimensions were beautifully clear and accessible! Appreciating all that you teach!

Shelley Klammer - Art Therapist