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Readings and Services

Following Akashic healing and using NeuroSound, I am more alert and active and less likely to let discouraging things bother me. MY brain has improved! I've givien up bad habits and distortions that kept me from reaching a higher level -  now I choose better ways of doing and being. I see beauty every where, in all things.... I see my inner beauty as soft and sweet.

Kristie - Behavioural Health Expert

Credit and Debit payments accepted. Additional time is prorated at $50 per 15 min.

Soul Nature Reading

If you need to know who you are at soul level because you have been pulled way off course by life's distractions, this Akashic reading reveals the unique blueprint of your soul as it was created to be. Learn about your soul's archetype, creative development & growth pathways, attributes & gifts, and life actualization pathways that best reflect your soul's intention and desire. This reading provides esoteric insight into your soul’s individual energy signature and resonant frequency (sound and color) and how you can integrate unseen aspects of your soul nature into your daily life and environment. This reading is done prior to your 30 min appointment time and provides information only - it does not include any Akashic spiritual healing or clearing. $197

Higher Self Wisdom Readings

Available by phone or skype, these real-treadings grant actionable wisdom for the here and now.  I open your Akashic record for reference, connect with your Higher Self and occasionally, your Spirit Guide team steps in as well. Usually best suited for a "here and now" Q&A format, these readings are not just informative, they are immediately transformative, accurate, and format-flexible. Spiritual Reponse readings includes attunements and energy healing on the spot if required. Then you can confidently take the next action step! $100 per 30 minutes

Soul Tree Past Life & Purpose Reading

This reading brings awareness for change to the here and now if you've been feeling plagued by ongoing repeating tests in life and you know you're not moving forward. These readings provide key information to one root source of a set of past experiences that has imprinted a restriction that the soul is hanging on to - and clears it. I begin the Akashic work based on your specific query, then pinpoint a particular soul lesson, place or time period, and identify what conscious changes you can make in your present life.  This reading is done prior to your 30 min appointment time. $247

Soul Tree Akashic Reading (Full)

This is the most detailed and comprehensive Akashic reading you can receive...anywhere. It pinpoints and identifies all blocks and restrictions that are ready to be healed, transmuted or cleared. Because we are multi-dimensional beings, the work begins at the spiritual level, then moves to energetic healing work, and incites change at the physical body cellular level. Clients report feeling lighter and clearer virtually immediately as a result of the spiritual changes, and can feel the difference energetically in about one week. Ease and confidence in taking new actions in alignment with this kind of newfound inner freedom is the objective of doing this work. This resistance-busting reading includes a full report, a 60 minute appointment, and the 21-day Transmutation that incites cellular healing and physical body change based on the healing work.  Because the physical body is the densest, changes at this level, and in external life situations are typically observed in 3 to 6 months provided your soul-directed aligned actions are taken by you. The reading is done prior to your 60 min appointment time when we go over your report. $897 

Note: NeuroSound programs which reinforce the energetic healing and clearing at the physical body level for lasting effects is recommended following this transformative work. Each audio therapy program includes weekly follow-up. Due to the ways we heal ourselves alchemically, combining Creative Explorations simultaneously produces the maximum effect for dramatic and lasting change. Ask for a quote for the individualized full reading program best suited for you.