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Akasha - The Substratum of Sound

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Many have asked me, "what exactly does your work involve?" I'd like to try an answer one facet of that question. In Hinduism, Akasha is the omnipresent essence of all things. It is the One, Eternal, and All Pervading physical substance, considered the very first element in creation. As a material foundation of the four classical elements (earth, air, water and fire), Akasha is imperceptible yet omnipresent. In Sanskrit the word ‘akasha’ means "space", accepted also as “sky.”


Akasha forms the substratum of of sound that pervades the void of plenum of the universe. Everything is vibration, so they keep saying. Well, in order for any manifested something to vibrate, there has to be something to sense the motion of vibration. Or else we're down to trees of no forest. Mind, Energy or Matter has to have something to vibrate in - another medium or field or ocean or what have you. This is how my pea-brain mind has arrived that Akasha is the basis of the universe - the substrate for all things to emanate from, exist in and manifest how it must.


All things of our universe are then comprised in varying balance of the four elements shown above: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Each of these elements holds two qualities which are shared with the other elements, giving variety and dynamic for transformation, according to the universal laws of change; Water is cold and moist; Air is hot and moist and Fire is hot and dry. Inherent within and surrounding the combination forms made up of the four elements is the mysterious and intangible fifth element that the Vedics called Akasha. Alchemically, the absolute basis of any thing, what the Vedics called the cosmic Swabhava is spiritual, highly distilled and incorruptible. Quintessence is this very basis of what we are throughout the extent of our permanent existence and temporal manifestation and each being is of its own unique constitutional Swabhava.


The Pagans and alchemists of the European continent similarly knew Akasha to be the fifth element (spirit, aether) and believe it exists in every living creature. Without Akasha, there is no spirit, no soul, no magic in anything. In Vedic philosophy, anything exhibiting life is beyond Mind or Energy or Matter alone. A living being is composite with the life force imbued by soul or atma, which precedes the Great Three just listed. This is why my fallible instinct rests on the fact that we are Akasha, because I know we are that soul emanation life form. Take away the soul along with its life force, you have mere matter inanimate left behind...and decay (the opposite of life) sets in - immediately.


Vedic philosophy espouses the following: Knowledge, effort, desire, resentfulness, happiness and sadness are the qualities of a soul. Dead body is without a soul, therefore, lacks these qualities.A body changes, because of the presence of a soul. Right from the conception, the growth begins, because of the presence of the soul. There is no growth without a soul.

Soul is never born; it never dies; it always exists.


All living things engage in activity - to one degree or another, whether from the minimalist birth, growth, death process to include instincts, responses, actions and for higher consciousness being, choices. None of this takes place in each of us without our cosmic speck of akasha, or our atma that gives us life. If every action takes places from a vibrating living being, then the action too holds a vibration, just as a thought or emotion holds a particular vibration...and Akasha is the medium that allows it to even happen, let alone be in communion with all that vibrates amidst it. This might be a fine way to explain karma - the vibrating ripples of action that grow ever outward to come into contact with and influence anything along its path simply due to wave interference like we studied in highschool physics with ripple tanks. Those experiments offered tangible and visible proof of actions creating influential vibration.


The ancient Vedic Rishis (the seers of all) could access cosmic consciousness at will and derive actionable wisdom and knowledge they put to very good use for the development of humanity up until about 2000 BCE when the inception of Hinduism began. They used sound in the form of bija mantra, chanting, intoning and all manner of spiritual vibrations tied to the breath and mind to do what they did and learn what they knew by getting into deep states of meditation (communion with the cosmos), and through spiritual experimentation, discovered the underlying, fundamental truths of the Universe, and whose teachings formed the basis for the spiritual culture of the ancient Vedic civilization...and incidentally the foundations of my kind of work. They say the Rishis were capable of seeing beyond narrow, selfish, good and bad of present times. They could see beyond everything. Nothing in the present, past or future was beyond their vision because they had the perspective of the larger arc, the much bigger picture of tendencies and truths as registered by the thoughts and actions of eternal souls.


The very same thing, peculiarly enough, is the purpose of accessing Akasha today. I don't know how I do what I do, when I access Akasha or read someone's Akashic Record. Don't ask me if there's a library in the sky or if I think there are living conscious beings up there handing down the information. I have no idea, honestly. I connect, I ask questions and I receive actionable wisdom for my clients to proceed with if they wish to, and more often than not, surprising answers that I and my clients remain open to. And people's lives are improving all around me as a result of new awareness. I have said this before and I loudly reiterate: I trust this work more than I trust myself. And the lasting beneficial effects of Soul Tree Akashic Healing involves and requires....you guessed it, NeuroSound - Akashic Sound Healing. Of course. -ABA

Creativity On Your Terms

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This handy tip for creativity has only one step. And you can do that step now. Think of something that you know you need to make a decision about.


Here it is. Step 1. Ready?


1. Make a choice based on what YOU want.


Yes, that's the one step. The only step that's ever required, no matter what you want to create. All you have to do is choose. You experience creativity at a fundamental level via the basic act of choosing. Is there some kind of trick to this? Not so much a trick, or skill, but rather an essential truth underlying your choice: you must make your choice by and for yourself, from inside you. Then take action based on your choice. That's not a step 2, it's still step 1, the implied fulfillment part of the ACT of "Making the choice". Now, you've created something true of you and are already further back in alignment than where you were before. Congratulations! [I made my choice too. Make mine chocolate. To go.]


Creativity isn't what you thought it was, is it?


It's SO MUCH more than aesthetic art or music and yet so much less "separate" from you than you ever imagined. What a relief! So on that note, now that you've made your choice, reflect for one moment and ask yourself,


"Was my choice, my creation, from my deepest core, was it truly my soul's pick?"


Or did your mind assert what it thought it "should" choose?


Go ahead and introspect to see if your soul wants to create something, just because it needs to. What's your soul pulling you toward? What is it asking you? What is it crying for?


Does your mind, thinking the ways it does about everything and everyone else, force something other than what your soul inspires? If your answer to this question is no, then you have made a choice in alignment with your soul's desire. This is the action to take. However, If your answer was yes to the mind's urging, you will feel pulled away from your highest path to another direction that doesn't make your heart sing because of something else that "should" be instead.


Getting out of alignment and continuing to live your life this way takes place by a successive series of choices that you have made, consciously or unconsciously, that keep moving you further away from soul and higher self toward mind and external authority, all that is NOT you. Your soul and higher self are naturally tuned to be in alignment with truth, and Source, yet it is the mental, emotional, egoic and energetic aspects of ourselves, which shift out of alignment according to our choices and actions, that pull us out of kilter. And that's a strain on our system that we feel instinctively as an inner battle, or resistance...something that steals our Inner Freedom. What must be an energetic straightline flow of truth to and from Source has been misdirected and constricted...and gets tangled up in our mind and heart, as knotted up thoughts and emotions.


Now you may understand that natural creativity is as simple as it gets. One inspiration that emanates from soul and higher self leads to one clear impulse that radiates within you. Responding to what may be that deep and wordless stimulus by choosing to take the associated action is natural creativity.


Making the choice to take action from a wayward, often louder or forced, thought or emotion, at the urge of any authority other than your soul and higher self, is not creativity. It is an auto-pilot conditioned response that is likely way out of alignment with the true you. Going this route often feels that it wasn't a real choice from your inner authority at all. Those kinds of "choices" are not choices at all, as you are rendered helpless to repeat a pattern that hasn't served, and feel choiceless in the end anyway. How disempowering.


So go deeper, and consider that an array of choices that you've never been aware of are truly available to you. When you are in alignment, the spread of options grows widely because the limitations are no longer capped on you by external authority, resistance and bindings. When you are in alignment, Inner Freedom is the state of being that emerges because of the limitless possibilities and the expansive range of choices that come into your awareness. This is how you can make a choice based on what YOU, the true you, want.


The secret to the simplicity is getting back in natural alignment. That's creativity on your terms.-ABA

Fundamental Building Blocks

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I am here to change the world. And you might not ever notice the change.

The almighty human being, endowed with gifts greater than all of the other conscious creatures, more often than not exhibits less consciousness than my schefflera, in vain attempt to prove mental domination over the cosmos. Then over each other. Then over me...I resent that.

I never liked the saying, “Those who can’t, teach.” 'That's as absurd as saying, “Those who don’t, read.” (or watch movies or sit around chatting with friends in cafes instead). Further absurdity of mythological proportion: extroverts are better than introverts. And a WON-derful one from my own cultural background: Left-handers cannot perform particular ritual offering with their left hand.

I’m not totally anti- my Indian cultural background. I just don’t view “a background” as an identifier of “me”. I want to acknowledge all separating backgrounds of race, culture, and philosophy as applicable, available and ridiculous simultaneously and with equal opportunity. From there, I pick and choose what resonates with my soul. That is the best that I can do to create “individuality”, built out of mythological, spiritual, and cosmological LEGO pieces.

When I was a child, I loved LEGO and I admit that I wanted to have all the LEGO in the world. ALL OF IT. Because for me, the possibilities were endless, it WAS a new toy everyday, and I was an only child.

Physics and science have long based all theories on two fundamental cosmological principles: Energy and Matter. Thousands of years before the Axial- and Golden-Age hoopla, the Vedics revered three of them: Mind, Energy and Matter. They suspected, or knew, or were ready to dream of Universal Mind – the essence of consciousness that is the Source of everything. It is the self-presence imparted to every single thing that exists in the universe. Some today remember the Vedic term of Akasha, what is called Quintessence or the fifth element, as being the foundation of our universe. Vedic MIND-Stuff is the finest essence underlying and spanning the wraparound spectrum that when densified becomes Energy, although still intangible is measureable. When further densified, Energy becomes tangible Matter. Go deep enough into densification (think black holes here for fun) and you get back into the quantum sub levels that in their minuteness return back to the infinitesimal essence of Mind once more.

Universal Mind is not mentation, it is not mentality, it isn't anyone's mind as we know it, it isn't even "thinking". Consider it more like being-ness, existence and the awareness imbued to whatever "it" is.

And so I cannot have all the LEGO in the world. Nor can you. None of us can. Ultimately, it’s all around us, everywhere, in everything. We share the lot that we have to work with, with each other, and with all that exists that we’ve never even seen, and in places we’ve never been to. As a species hell-bent on answers more than we have cared about the questions, we have our select pieces that we play with and we are satisfied because we built a four-walled house complete with shuttered windows using the clear plastic awning pieces that totally dress it up and make us feel powerful in our knowlege.

I'm willing to wonder: what if the structure of LEGO were amorphous, like clay, or play-doh that WE were in charge of shaping? What if a building block was a self-aware vapor that takes the shape of the container we give it? And what if we had access to nary 5% of the building-block MIND-stuff that has given us the Energy of electricity, magnetism, gravitation, and the Matter we identify as salt, quarks, chocolate and neutrinos? What if the other 95% we’ve never played with is OUT THERE??

Here’s a thought one step further….what if it all was IN HERE?

What if I could sculpt and shape myself?

Maybe I could change the world. - ABA

This Too Has Passed

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Ever feel the urge to just rebel against the concepts you have known and been known by? I have been feeling this way for oh….the last 20 years or so. There has been this need in me to let those who have known me since youth see a very different side of who I am. Sometimes, the reason is to keep the intimacy of friendship and being “in touch” very much alive when I sense a growing distance, or slow death. In other moments, it’s to send out a shock wave, hoping an echo will resound.

Everyone has noticed that when they hook up with their family members, or revisit their home town, something inside them helplessly, or haplessly, returns to a former state preferably wished to have been left there, in the past. We all feel like we’re five again, or in my case, I roll up like one of those ball-beetles. And we resume patterns that kept us safe, in hierarchy or order, then, hoping we’ll still feel safe now. Are we safe? Now? Really? Not if the fear of rejection keeps you where you are at.

In these rebellion “adjustments”, as I like to think of them, we’re testing the waters in the here and now, to see if who we are today can push the envelope of what we knew of ourselves then, to see if those who have been constants in our lives can relate, reflect or resound our new truths. Some can and will, surprisingly and joyfully. Others….well, not so much. Chock it up to distance, time and the other accelerating causes of the universal expansion. This is the Dark Energy of growth that comes necessarily of change.

As something flies away, ever further, the emanated light that tries to meet us progressively dims, our sight of it becomes blurry and diaphanous, surreal and eventually, non-existent. Unless we hone our sensitivity and increase the magnification of our view, opening even wider the aperture of our willingness to experience, the separation will occur and eventually, we lose connection altogether.

There is safety in distance, in not quite being seen so clearly that allows the beetle me to unroll and check if the world is still there. Most of the time, I allow the intangible version of me, the tenuous concept, the veiled image or the fuzzy memory to prevail as my presence. And for some, that’s enough. But if it’s light already emanated. It left the source aeons ago. And we choose to remain comforted by the surreal, impermanent sense of knowing someone, of “being in touch”. But it’s with a ghost from the past. No more than a residue, really.

I place my presence, with intention, into my work at that precious moment when it happens – whether it’s my writing, or music arrangements, my vocal overlay, even the splash of tempera that splatted just so on that corner of the paper. None of these things are permanent, even if the song is recorded on CD. Even still, once the song is done and you’ve listened to it, again despite the reincarnation, it’s faded in time, the sound waves dispersed in space to nothingness, consumed by the mystical langoliers. The energy of the splat happened in the past, even though the color splash emanates its energy. The words I wrote five years ago, even these words from five minutes ago, provide a residue of something that once lived momentarily in true aliveness and activity and presence.

I guess I’m rebelling against permanence and all the illusory truths that go with it such as control and certainty. As I get older, I can’t even rely on the memory of it. So I am resounding instead with the truth that all things come to pass, all does change, nothing escapes this universal law. And I can only keep with me the imprint of what remains indelible in my heart. -ABA



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Welcome to Quintessence Studio online - for those of you who have visited before, you will see that new chapters have been added to "the book"! There is now a section for Quintessence Publishing, the Music Studio as well as upcoming pages on the creative coaching aspect of my work, Soul Tree.

With the advent of a whole new site builder from the server, I chose to keep the website motif and style much as it was. I prefer the simpler atmosphere, even amidst such a high speed, high tech world that could delight and distract with so much more. I may find myself being one of the last individuals to board the spacecraft, still lugging paper-bound books!

I still feel strongly that the faster the external world goes, the slower I wish to move...this helps me stay present, short of disconnecting completely. Trust me, there have been times....and I know I risk being left behind. In which case, say hi to the future for me.

The most recent stages of reworking this online world has dealt mainly with minimal content changes, punctuating with the artwork of the Studio throughout, and making space for what I intend to manifest for those who can't join up with me personally. In the real world, as opposed to this virtual one, my dream is to have the place called Quintessence Studio manifest in the physical world, but I feel that maybe it has to come into being this way first. And that's quite alright as I have learned that distance is no longer the exclusionary limitation to valid experience. You no longer have to be in the same room as the colorwork to have it energize you. Music's canvas is silence. So wherever the music sounds is where one can be touched in their heart by it. Guidance and breaking through personal barriers does not have to come in the face-to-face presence of your guide.

I love what I do (composing, writing, sound- and color-filled experiments etc...) and while it may be very difficult for me to express my own creative process, I do know that I can communicate to you how to engage yours, how to reach deep within yourself and express what you need to perfectly - in your perfect way.

Much of the intuitive work that comprises the Soul Tree Creativity modality can be done even from a distance, thanks to Skype and internet conferencing.

I realize now that the online expansion isn't as much about the website...it's about expanding me - by means of sharing and communicating, far beyond the local hermitude. But do know that if there's the chance to sit face-to-face and have tea together, that's still my first preference. to sit face-to-face and have tea together, that's still my first preference. -ABA