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  Creative Explorations For Inner Freedom

Subconscious Art: A template and simple geometric patterns are provided to the client who is asked to design a round mandala using only what they are given and seven colors and suggested structural criteria [Synthesis, Art, Creative Combination, Deep Human Condition, Soul Expression Level I]

Coffee StirSticks: This exploration involves a bundle of 12 wooden or plastic stir sticks that are tossed for a cue for interpretation or expression. [Pattern Recognition, Synthesis, Art, Creative Interpretation, Writing, Soul Expression Level II]

Constellation & Fable: This advanced creative exploration provides the client with an unrecognizable swatch of the night sky from which they are to “create” their own mythical constellation [Creative Interpretation, Pattern Recognition, Art, Synthesis, Storytelling, Deep Human Condition, Writing, Soul Expression Level III]

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 Creative Explorations For Outer Expression

Me First: This beginning creative exploration assists the client in reasserting her sense of self and is the basis of self-identity. [Synthesis, abstract to rational expression, decision, action, Soul Expression Level I] ]

Feeling Color: This exploration allows the client to not just feel the essence of a color, but to become it through embodiment and expression [Sensory crossover, deep human condition, art, verbal expression, Soul Expression Level II]

Storytelling Music: With a special selection of music, storytelling comes from instantaneous felt imagination and not from contrived thought which accesses from ego, but from the soul to which music calls. [Sound, Imagination, Sensory crossover, Writing, Storytelling, Deep Human Condition, Creative Interpretation, Soul Expression Level III]

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