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Fifth Element Training

Students with a vision to serve in a new way, or who have specialized skills or interests based on calling are encouraged to apply. Create a new vocation with the combination of gifts that only you have ..and live your inspiration.

I'm in a really good place with Soul Tree training and my momentum feels OUT OF THIS WORLD knowing how I'm going to combine my Reiki work with Akashic Healing!!!! I love hearing your voice on the audio lessons. So cool! Thank you, Anjali!

Carolyn Henry - Soul Incandescence


Soul Tree Akashic Healing


Level I

 . . .
12 modules teaching the foundations of multi-dimensional existence in Akashic Reading, Healing and Clearing with practical applications towards the Level 1 full Akashic reading. Sample client readings and intro to business training included.   14 weeks

Level II

. . .
12 modules of advanced training in Akashic reading skills with one on one apprenticeship, and best practicies business training, Practice Client Internship as practicum toward Certification. Level I prerequisite
14 weeks  

Level III

. . .

10 modules nature of healing, mind-body remapping, alchemical reinforcement for lasting Akashic benefits. Apprenticeship toward certification forms the basis of this course plus individualized practitioner business startup. Levels I & II prerequisite       12 weeks


1. All About Akasha

2. Multi-Dimensional Existence

3. The Soul's Journey

4. Spiritual Being - Human Experience

5. Akashic Law of Affinity

6. Ether, Energy, Akashic Healing

7. Karma, Memory, Clearing

8. The Way of the Akashic Worker

9. Akashic Transformation White Ops

10. Akashic Reading part 1

11. Akashic Reading part 2

12. Akashic Clearing & Client Communication


1. The Soul's Nature

2. The Soul's Identity

3. Higher Self Higher Realm

4. Soul Integration

5. Soul Development Living Purpose

6. Alchemical Transmutation

7. The Soul's Signature

8. Spiritual Family and Soul Groups

9. Advanced Akashic Elements

10. Advanced Akashic Reading part 1

11. Advanced Akashic Reading part 2

12. Advanced Akashic Clearing


1. Misbeliefs to Misalignments

2. Embodied and Embedded Trauma

3. Vibrational Medicine Modalities

4. Inner Freedom: NeuroSound

5. Alchemy of Sound Healing

6. Outer Expression: Creative Explorations

7. The Effective Facilitator

8. Client Care in Soul Tree Akashic Healing

9. Student- Business Thesis

10. Student - Business Practicum