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courses and module based programs

Access Answers Within

This 4 module course incorporates learning how to use the pendulum, so you can learn to access your own higher self to get the answers you seek. Establish clear communication and connection without interference, grow in freedom, strength and presence, get to know your support systems in all dimensions, identify limiting beliefs, initiate change and learn the basics of doing energy work on yourself. Includes Q&A group access 24/7 during the program and required book A Most Curious Device.  shop

Inner ABCD

Self Mastery System Introductory training of the enlightened principles that lead to inner independence and personal mastery:  Inner Authority, Balance, Clarity and Direction. There are forty minute Guidance Sessions with each of 5 taking new action modules. more    shop

Intention and Alignment

This 5 module course focuses on the fact that YOU MATTER. Course materials including clarity book and audio lessons with transcripts allows you to work at your own pace over three months -figure out with the help of the Akashic realm what your soul and life purpose is, clarify your true priorities and develop action plans in alignment with your life intention. Includes pre-Akashic reading targeted for this course specifically (soul nature, life misalignments, actualization pathways etc..) to help you uncover the unique reason you are here...now. Includes Q&A group access 24/7 over three months. more    shop