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Thank you for contacting me about Mystery to Mastery development programs.I will be in touch with you very soon to see how I may be able to help you move forward with clarity, confidence and connection to your spiritual essence so you can live from your Higher Self. Warmly, Anjali
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Creative Explorations

Soul Tree Creative explorations have been developed according to neuroplasticity research, Akashic healing and therapeutic applications, and are available in a closely guided format local or long distance. These judgment- and expectation-free explorations allow your soul and higher self to communicate in the ways they do best, through color, image, sound, movement, metaphor and symbol. Bypass your thinking mind and access the Akashic mystery of you...then give it life with outer expression. It's the surest way to live from your Higher Self while experiencing Akashic truth. more                                    shop

Akashic Guidance for Life Enhancement

It all starts with you. The world needs you specifically, not you in general. Multi dimensional and multi modal one-on-one approach to enhancing your life in alignment with your highest path and purpose. Action charged from an Akashic perspective so you can live your inspiration. One session at a time, monthly continuity, or ask for 4+ bulk sessions to use as needed.                                     shop

Self-Mastery System

Full program 12 modules over 12 months includes lesson and mini-Akashic reading toward self-mastery, access to group Q&A 24/7, resource lists, creative exploration and guided NeuroSound meditation for inner freedom and outer expression, 30 min private coaching to live your inspiration . Also available in quarterly blocks. more                                                                                                        shop

Mystery to Mastery Courses

Multimedia and/or module based courses on a variety of topics essential for soul communication, inner freedom and outer expression, spiritual and intuitive development, connecting  with Higher Self and Higher Realms, spirit to life actualization coaching,  integrity training plus modalities of energy healing, pendulum use and more                                                                                                        shop


Fifth Element Akashic Training, Apprenticeship & Certification

Formal training in the modalities of Soul Tree Akashic Healing local or long-distance. Three training levels of multi-media teaching modules include how to read the Akashic records, energetic healing and clearing, advanced Akashic work, and reinforcing healing with NeuroSound and Creative Explorations. Apprenticeship,business basics and integrating other healing modalities follow the student's application in practicum. Completing all three levels is necessary to become a certified Soul Tree Akashic practitioner. more                                                                                                                                   shop