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Do you find yourself thwarted in your life endeavor, not knowing why?

Still haven't launched your action to serve the world the way you hoped?

Are you absolutely sure of what is truly derailing or distracting you from doing your inspired work?

Do you believe it is possible to truly release what has been holding you back?

Need some wise, caring and objective guidance that comes from a higher view?


Creative Explorations

Soul Tree Creative explorations have been developed according to neuroplasticity research, Akashic healing and therapeutic applications, and are available in a closely guided format local or long distance. These judgment- and expectation-free explorations allow your soul and higher self to communicate in the ways they do best, through color, image, sound, movement, metaphor and symbol. Bypass your thinking mind and access the Akashic mystery of you...then give it life with outer expression. It's the surest way to live from your Higher Self while experiencing Akashic truth. more                                    shop

Akashic Guidance Sessions

It all starts with you. The world needs you specifically, not you in general. If you are self-initiated and on the path to actualizing your spiritual gifts to serve others and the world but find yourself stuck at a crossroads, these sessions are for you. Multi dimensional and multi modal one-on-one approach to enhancing your life in alignment with your highest path and purpose. Action charged from an Akashic perspective so you can spiritually actualize and live your inspiration. One session at a time, monthly continuity, or ask for 4+ bulk sessions to use as needed.  more                                        shop

Self-Mastery System

Full continuity program provides 12 modules over 12 months. Each module includes lesson and mini-Akashic reading toward self-mastery, access to group Q&A 24/7, resource lists, featured creative exploration and guided NeuroSound meditation for inner freedom and outer expression plus 30 min private coaching to live your inspiration . Also available in quarterly blocks. 

more                                                                                                                                    shop

Mystery to Mastery Courses

Multimedia and/or module based courses on a variety of topics essential for soul communication, inner freedom and outer expression, spiritual and intuitive development, connecting with Higher Self and Higher Realms, learning how to channel spirit toward life actualization, self-integrity training plus modalities of energy healing, pendulum use and more                                                                           shop


Fifth Element Training, Apprenticeship & Certification

Formal training in the modalities of Soul Tree Akashic Healing together with vibrational and sound healing, inner alchemy facilitation and more, local or long-distance. Three training levels of multi-media teaching modules include how to read the Akashic records, energetic healing and clearing, advanced Akashic work, and reinforcing healing with Soul Tree NeuroSound and Creative Explorations. Includes apprenticeship,business basics and integrating other healing modalities follow the student's application in practicum. Completing all three levels is necessary to become a certified Soul Tree Akashic practitioner. more                                                                                                                                   shop


Because you are self-initiated, you are already on the path.

Yes. We know that this gift of human existence and experience needs to be cherished, nourished, celebrated and shared, at each and every moment of now, despite all the challenges we face. 

Yes. We understand that we are here to create and express ourselves and rise to meet our soul’s divine potential. This means we have to forge new paths in what feels like uncharted territory.

Yes. We want to live fully and feel deeply. We don't want to claw the daily grind anymore. We must rise above standard, generic expectations that we have outgrown and are rising above..

Like me, you also have unique gifts to bring to this world but maybe you haven't been able to fulfill the charge of path forging where no one else you know has risked to go before...YET. 

If you need a caring push from experience, toward action that aligns to YOUR inner truth, 

and not to an ego-driven society hell bent on expecting the ordinary, maybe I can help.

I felt called to participate in the world, as an Artist of Life and teacher, but I was fearful of being seen as an unoriginal copycat who fell short in a society that measured and judged all that I knew wasn't important. In refusing to step out with my own brand of genius, I had become my own biggest obstacle to joy, self expression and fulfillment in what I knew was a precious and limited time in this incarnate life. And I knew THIS was not a true expression of my worth and "their" established ways were not working for me. I knew those standard approaches wouldn't reveal who I am. I had to forge my own new path...

So I did not quit short of my inspiration and neither can you.

I could not quit (heaven knows how many times I tried) because my soul would not let me give in until I expressed my divine gifts in a way that felt honorable and genuine amidst the tangle of hope, creative expression and meaningful vocation.  And your soul won’t rest either until it expresses its divine service to the world through you. 

Maybe, like me, you need the kind of guidance that speaks to a deeper place inside you, not to your all-business-and-no-joy (better known as) thinking mind. Because without that guidance, you will never pierce the egoic resistance to connect to your own truth, find your passion, recognize your gifts, name your vision or heed your calling. You'll just end up with dry, generic advice you'll never use - because it stagnates at the thinking-mind level only!

Can't Get Going feeling like this?

This is my idea of Getting Going.

If you feel called to your divinely-inspired path but there's still something inside you that just won't let you do your thing the way you want to...

If you just want to start living your inspiration, but don't feel the inner freedom, this is the place to get going, with coaching for your soul and spirit, not the egoic thinking mind which has only blocked with resistance time and time again. Get to Know Yourself from a Higher View.

I know how to provide life enhancing guidance that leads to confidently taking the next step from a place of living trust - with Akashic wisdom. Because I've been where you are at, stuck in a world of lower vibration all the years I was trying to get Quintessence Studio up and running as the Workplace of Higher Being. 

Nothing feels scarier than to watch the gap widening, between where your spirit yearns to be and where you actually find yourself on a daily basis. And this leaves your soul feeling... 

...empty, lost, defeated, kinda like that asphalt pic up there.

But most of my life had been spent ignoring and devaluing my inner truth in favor of society's shiny but lower and unimaginative expectation, wearing a forced smile on my face radiating the air of inner peace and fulfillment.

But inside, I renounced flow because I was darkly redefining the word ACCEPTANCE

                Gratitude grew into lassitude.

                Solitude became hermitude.

                Attitude solidified to thwartitude. 


Once I began to redefine my truth and place my worth at the highest place, way above society's expectations, that's when I began exceeding those same expectations I craned my neck to aspire to; I was no longer trapped by or limited to their illusory mystique because egoic aspiration became fueled by inspiration.

With Mystery to Mastery programs and courses, I can help you redirect your actions, re-align your expression to your divine calling and charge the creation of your vocation with meaning - especially if it's revolutionary. Mystery to Mastery principles are wholistic, heart centered and based on YOUR soul's core inner truths FIRST.

Harmony as a 24-7-365 state of being is worth it. Trust that you can live from your Higher Self.

I only want for you to feel free, to experience the joy of living your soul’s purpose as I have finally been able to do, to feel the space and bliss of Inner Freedom that allows your unique, original Outer Expression to freely flow with a kind of self-trust unknown ever before. You may have to look deep within to know to your originality, creativity and inspiration are all there - that you can put yourself out there to give the world exactly what you know it needs most. But the craving and hunger you feel right now for something more than just getting on with the daily grind is proof of its existence and it no longer needs to elude your grasp any more.

How do I know it’s possible for you?

My clients moved through their fear to get to know (and trust) themselves so well that they charged out of the gate to live their inspiration. They rely upon their own innermost first; as it turns out, they are building vocations in ways that have never been done before, now, when we as a society need it most.

Like Debbie who learned how to re-connect with her own inner authority and started her own program to help others build a healthy relationship with themselves first.

And Cindy, whose Reiki practice can now weave in her gifts in spiritual communication and Akashic work.

Penelope admits she loves the 'dance with life as her partner' doing shamanic work. She no longer fears isolation or financial lack in her retirement years.

Shane is trusting guidance from his higher self at a conscious level and growing his life coaching business beautifully. Admitting he became a life coach because he needed one so badly, he no longer second-guesses every decision he tries to make.

These are but a few of the real-world new actions that Mystery to Mastery students and clients have achieved and more:


Ease in taking bold new action - path forging

Elimination of chronic health issues

Restored & revitalized passion for life

A permanent shift to innate joy

Increased creative self-expression

Heightened intuition and awareness

If you are ready to try something different and live the life you know deep within you is possible, then I invite you to take a moment to fill out the form above and schedule time to talk with me - it’s absolutely free and it can work for you if you choose so. Ultimately, you have nothing to lose, when there is SO MUCH to gain. 

I so look forward to meeting you and seeing how I can help you on your soul’s path of growth.