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Akashic Mystery School

Experiencing Akashic Truth: Tranquility, Wonder and Belonging

Truth is self-evident in all cultures of humankind when one's consciousness rises to meet it. The purpose of all mystery school orders and traditions throughout the ages is to teach human beings of their divine nature and origin. The Vedic-Akashic lineage is considered a root line of teaching that predates Babylonian, Chaldean, Egyptian and Greek schools of wisdom. Raising one's vibration does not come from thinking, but from direct experience and action. Each of us has free will to choose to raise our vibration. How does this happen? Self remembering brings awareness of the truth of tranquility amidst the storm. Self actualization putting the truth of wonder into action.  Self realization brings the Akashic truth of connection and belonging. These three together allow a human being to rise above illusion, to learn Akashic lessons by being in the world without being of the world, to live from Higher Self. This means choosing to shift away from the stuckness of dogma and enmeshment by becoming an responsive observer who is in flow with all things rather than a reactive manipulator trying to force outcomes from self and others. A chela of the Akashic mystery school does not mind what happens, but gives his/her best for the highest good of all, in all times at all places in life.

 Temple of Akasha in Chidambaram, South India (Wiki)

Since Vedic times (as long as 5000 years ago), the Universe has been considered to be comprised of three main aspects, Matter, Energy and Mind. Conceptually, and for millennia, Akasha in its ordered and organized form called the Akashic Records, is believed to contain all knowledge of conscious experience and the history of the cosmos. The Akashic Records are the Universe’s memory storage system and are said to have existed since the inception of universal consciousness. Just as modern human civilization has various specialty libraries ie: medical, law, literature etc… there are said to exist various Akashic Libraries ie: human, animal, plant, mineral, etc...

Shamans and mystics from all cultures and religions have accessed the records, either via deep meditation and trance states, or actively through the subconscious mind (hypnosis). Moving from an ancient concept to a modern version, Akasha, so omnipresent in the Universe, is likened to a dynamic, informed storage field that continually expands with the Universe to hold information of all conscious experiences as they unfold. Even today, it is still believed that every experience, intention, and action is imprinted in this substrate medium. It is also believed that Akasha pervasively exists within each of us. To be able to access Akasha as the sages have, one must first be able to connect to and know well one's Higher Self, the spiritual aspect that exists in a higher dimension than our ordinary self, considered to be wiser with an expanded perspective.


The Alchemists - Artists of Life

The Alchemists of our time are truly Artists of Life. They consider their creative expression (not limited to just their art, relationships, or studies) as a sacred practice. They endeavour to understand the mysteries of the natural universe and unveil the secrets of the cosmic knowing hidden beneath the veil of unconsciousness.

The goal of an elementally harmonized existence is to find presence in oneself, to reside in the space of knowing, so that one may create from a state of pure presence.

The Caduceus is the heralding Wand of Hermes, symbolically associated with the Healer, and draws visual metaphor from several ancient symbols.  The two intertwining snakes represent the duality of all principles (consider the Taoist Yang and Yin, the Yogic Ida and Pingala, the Alchemical Sol and Luna) that make manifest the ten thousand things. The wings represent the element of air (the soul is the incarnation's vessel of spirit) that both fly to and gather cosmic awareness. In this Celtic image, the central axis (the upright spine of the central nervous system) holds the seven sacred spheres (the chakras of the energy body). 

The heart (the fourth and central chakric center) is considered the seat of the Soul, and in other images of the Caduceus (such as Egyptian), the eagle's head is represented by a sphere of light, both which represent enlightenment.

Alchemical transformation and what we know as emotional healing takes place when spiritual reconciliation of the three lower chakra energies (root, sacral and solar plexus) and the three upper chakra energies (throat, brow and crown) meet and combine at the heart. Quintessence manifests here, in the harmony that has achemized in the seat of the Soul. Any creative expression that emerges from the heart under these conditions, is pure, true and of the authentic Self.