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"I began writing my first novel in 2002 when the first several chapters came flowing out, the characters showed up fully formed and ready to have me tell their story. Much to my shock, I discovered in Chapter 2 that my main character, Kelly, was an aspiring poet. I had never written a lick of poetry in my life. I was this close, then and there, to putting the kybosh on the whole thing.

I'm glad I didn't....thanks to this entirely surprising experience, being given the gift of going through the creative growth process of Kelly, my own song lyrics emerged naturally from her poetry...and this actually changed the course of her life (fictionally). Now, a decade later, I am an active singer-songwriter, ever growing and expanding my work in composing, arranging, producing and performing music. Taking the scary risk to write a novel uncovered my true passion for creating music. My life has been forever altered, for the better."   

                                                                                                                       - A.B. Arnold


Coming Soon...

"2007 saw the printing of the first copy of Turning Points and now that it was published, in 2008, I began the active crafting of a very different kind of novel, one that I would describe as an historical, mystical intrigue. I love the seamless merging of myth and reality and I value the freedom for creativity that this fiction genre permits, I truly feel it is a veritable model of our humanity. The quantity of research is nearly overwhelming and finding the right balance of detail and core storytelling  That's another beautiful testing experience given to me on this creative journey. This novel is now more than half completed, and I intend to have sketch illustrations scattered throughout, so stay tuned!"              

                                                   - A. B. Arnold