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Make the Music You Want to Create
With Tailored Instruction Designed for You

It's your time! Make the music you love the way you want, how you naturally do! All lessons are individualized to passion, level and learning style. If you work by ear and not from sheet music - perfect! If you read notes and want to expand your creativity - perfect! Get in touch with me and we'll get you started!

Learning to make music needs to be as fun as listening to it... This won't be like anything you've tried before - that's a promise! My unique, freedom-based teaching methods are individualized to the needs and dreams of each student. I accept new students of all backgrounds, interests, ages and skill levels from beginner up to intermediate.


A. B. Arnold

Opti-Mystic Artist of Life and Musician

Performer, Teacher & Collaborator
Royal Conservatory of Music Education Training
Leffek Classical Piano School Canada
Vocalist, Composer, Arranger
Piano & Keyboard Technique
Music Theory, Vocal & Ear Training
Songwriting, Demo & Backing Tracks
Microphone and Performance Training

Whether by modern, traditional or a blended approach, this is what her music students have been able to achieve:

Susan came to me having played the cello most of her life. Now, as a cello teacher, she wanted to be able to accompany her cellist students on the piano. She shared with me the story of her first two formal "rote style" lessons in which the teacher had been so rigid and harsh, she was reduced to tears. She never took lessons again. Later in her music career, she dreamed of being able to play Mozart's Minuet in G (Royal Conservatory Piano Grade level 3) and learned on her own just enough to do the most basic accompaniment work for her cello students. After two years of lessons at Q Music Studio, she performed Mozart's Fantasia in D Minor (Royal Conservatory of Music performance grade level 8) at a recital for her friends and family here at Quintessence Studio - and she played the entire piece from memory, no less! So proud of you Susan, and I commend you on the quality of your musical expression and for your dedication and efforts to learning technique far more advance than you ever imagined!  - Anjali

Katie had been playing the piano much of her life never having taken a formal lesson, ever. Here was someone unusually & geniusly talented in her own informal and nonstandar approach to learning. Up to age 14 she taught herself to play, she learned by ear, and by diligently listening to recordings and watching youtube for songs she wished to learn. She admitted to having little or no interest in structured lessons, reading notes etc.., but said she might like to play in a band with friends someday. Most of all, she wanted to be able to play the music she loved better on her digital piano. In about 1.5 yrs, I helped her to solidify most of the soundtrack for Amelie by Yann Tierson, she developed an understanding and applied proper technique in the use of her full body, arms and hands that promoted freedom and relaxation instead of forced tension...and the quality of her dynamic and musical expression shot up through the roof as we employed creative visioning set to the music!  She's now studying at music and dance college! Well Done Katie!! - Anjali