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Home...Theme Intro for Turning Points by A. B. Arnold (2007 Quintessence)

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Music Teaching  &  Performance

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Ken Fine - Owner, Blue Moon Talent

"Anjali's songstyle is gently captivating and pulls you in. She's talented, a wonderful collaborator and she really can sing, no question."

Paul Glover - Entertainment Group, Band of Life

"Your chants have been a blessing to the original songs...your voice is beautiful! And I love the new grooves you created for the new CD. I asked the universe for someone like you to work with and here you are, right in the neighborhood!"

Laura, Sinn Sounds NYC - Audio Engineer, Audiologist

"The versions she does of other musical artists are not "covers". Her unique atmospheres and arrangements allow the "remakes" to be all her own. I love that she can sing something for you that you know you've heard before, but you can't identify it right away. Her arrangements are that imaginative and the feeling she conveys is powerful. I prefer her arrangements over the original artists. I intend to integrate the principles of Anjali's NeuroSound work into my audiology practice."

S.A, audience member, music appreciator

"Anjali's music is who she is. Her voice is rich, clear and textured, and her music goes right to your heart because it comes from hers - nothing complicated, just honest and expressive. Her original song, Home, gets me every time."

Marlene Zaleznick, Art of Feminine Presence

The songs she writes come from her heart…they give me chills and move me to tears. Her music is spiritually transportive, just being in presence of the vibration and energy has healing powers.”

Dena Adams, Fluidity in Spirit

"I don't 'know how to thank you for helping get the music inside of me out - finally! I can't wait to hear what you have put together for my song.  I'm so excited!   I know that song is the key to unlocking so much for my spirituality and the growth of my gifts. I can feel it. Your teaching has made the difference, you are spectacular at what you do."

Develop performance quality agility & understand meaningful principles of musical relationship from a Royal Conservatory trained teacher. Make your best music at any level, by ear or from sheet music.

Learn how to sing well, on pitch, easily and naturally with feeling and expression, even if you've only sung in the shower. If you can talk, you can learn to sing...and like the sound of your voice even with a microphone.

Invite your muse and learn tricks of the music and lyric process with an experienced songwriter who'll help you tap into your unique experiences and share your truth in song, uniquely, like nobody else but you.
Learn to produce any audio from music to podcasts to voiceovers, simple to advanced, or let me do it for you. Whether it's music, audio lessons or narrative you can get it done here at Q Music Studio.