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All Products and Services

$23.95 Turning Points novel (2007) (autographed)

Get a personally autographed copy of A.B. Arnold's first novel that has impacted so many readers from all walks of life aged 11 to 85. 

Before the genre of Fiction Self Help existed, this novel filled the need for readers who were seeking a way to break out of their own creative rut.



$100 Higher Self Wisdom Reading 30 min 

I facilitate a Q&A session to communicate with your soul & Higher Self directly. Get clarity in accessing the answers within you. Come with your toughest questions, we get you your answers.

$150 NeuroSound Therapy Program

Akashic Healing at the physical level is assisted and reinforced with Quintessence Studio's proprietary sound therapy NeuroSound following your Akashic work. Enjoy the transformative wonders of Akasha made audible through neuroscience with earthly and intergalactic soundscapes...free yourself of self-imposed limitations. Includes healing process follow ups .


$200 Soul Nature Reading

The section of the full Akashic reading that targets who you truly are beneath all the veils, whole greater and above all the obstacles, resistance and mind perceptions of who you think you are. The fastest route to getting to know yourself so you can live your inspiration.


$250 Past Life and Purpose Reading

This is the Akashic Records reading you've heard about but never got. No hypnosis or regression required, you don't need to relive traumatic experiences to heal and process them, or understand how to release the grip that's been holding you back. Everything happening today will suddenly make sense and your shift to a new path begins now.


$897 Full Akashic Reading

This work is so amazing, I trust it more than I trust myself. We pinpoint everything that's burdening you (starting at soul level not the surface), identify the source, root causes and energies and initiate the healing and clearing process that starts at spiritual and energetic levels and moves down into your body, cells and earthly life experience. You change, you gain inner freedom to engage in outer expression plus you know yourself at such a new level that finally you can live your inspiration. Includes 21 day transmutation and follow up appointments. Does not include NeuroSound.




$200 Life Enhancement Guidance Session 70 min

It all starts with you. The world needs you specifically, not you in general. Multi dimensional and multi modal one on one approach to enhancing your life in alignment with your highest path and purpose. Action charged so you can live your inspiration. Ask for 4+ bulk session discounts.

$397 Special Access Answers Within Course

This 4 module course incorporates learning how to use the pendulum, so you can learn to access your own higher self to get the answers you seek. Establish clear communication and connection without interference, grow in freedom, strength and presence, get to know your support systems in all dimensions, identify limiting beliefs, initiate change and learn the basics of doing energy work on yourself. Includes Q&A group access 24/7 during the program and required book A Most Curious Device.


$497 Special Intention & Alignment Course

This 5 module course focuses on the fact that YOU MATTER. Course materials including claritybook and audio lessons with transcripts allows you to work at  your own pace over three months -figure out with the help of the Akashic realm what your soul and life purpose is, clarify your true priorities and develop action plans in alignment with your life intention - you are here for a unique reason. Includes Akashic reading targeted for this course specifically (soul nature, life misalignments, actualization pathways etc..) to help you uncover what that reason is. Includes Q&A group access 24/7 over three months.

$497 Special  Inner ABCD to Self Mastery Program

Self Mastery System Introductory training of the enlightened principles that lead to inner independence and personal mastery:  Inner Authority, Balance, Clarity and Direction. 5  forty minute Guidance Sessions based on action modules.

$3447 Self Mastery System - Full year Continuity Program

Full program 12 modules over 12 months includes lesson, mini- Akashic reading, access to group Q&A 24/7, resource lists, 30 min private coaching, creative exploration, guided NeuroSound meditation, Akashic training toward self mastery, additional application to live your inspiration. 


$1197 Soul Tree Akashic Healing Training Level I

12 modules teaching the foundations of multi-dimensional existence Akashic Reading, Healing and Clearing with practical applications towards the Level 1 full Akashic reading. Sample client readings and intro to business training included.   14 weeks

$997 Soul Tree Akashic Healing Training Level II

12 modules with apprenticeship teaching advanced Akashic Reading,Healing and Clearing, best business training, Practice Client Internship toward Certification.    14 weeks    Level I prerequisite

$997 Soul Tree Akashic Healing Training Level III

10 modules teaching alchemical reinforcement of Akashic Healing and Clearing, plus Apprenticeship leading toward Sound Healing and/or Creative Exploration Facilitator Certification, includes practitioner business startup individualized training.  12 weeks  Levels I and II prerequisite