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Do you find yourself stuck, not knowing why?

Do you procrastinate taking the very steps you know will move you forward?

Are you absolutely sure of what is truly derailing or distracting you?

Do you believe it is possible to truly release what has been holding you back?

Feel like this? Even though you know . . .

. . . there's something waiting to break out??

If you are committed to your path of inner growth but still find yourself stuck repeating the same old patterns despite your best intentions to change.

Something inside you still doesn't feel safe to just be yourself and express yourself. And you don’t understand why this is still happening. 

Nothing feels scarier than to watch the gap widening, between where your soul yearns to be and where you actually find yourself on a daily basis and this leaves you feeling

                                empty, frustrated, lost ….in general, DEFEATED.

If you are ready to break through the stubborn resistance to true vital aliveness and well-being, keep reading!

There is a wonderful, powerful and gentle way to get unstuck and return to being your original, divine self – something that can restore your life as naturally as it did mine, and so many others.

As my history goes, despite of my ongoing best efforts to get unstuck, I always came up short. This pattern started in childhood and I began to believe in very short order that I would never rise to my potential. Everyone, from teachers to parent figures and friends, kept telling me, “You can do anything you set your mind to, if only you applied yourself… if only you worked harder.”  As I got older, this belief transformed to a major fear of failure that oppressed me in just about everything I wanted to do in life. I never felt safe to express myself.

I did not realize there was something in me that kept blocking my earnest effort and intentions: patterns of long-standing stubborn resistance embedded in my body, mind and energy systems. This was what was manifesting all those feelings I listed above that left me feeling defeated and hopeless and kept me feeling unsafe inside.

For decades, I yearned for growth, in despair for change that would not take, not just in my life situation, but in my very self. I became identified with the walking, breathing disappointment that I was to myself, and felt so ashamed that others perceived the exact same thing about me. 

The only thing I knew to do was to try and accept that this was who I was, that this was all I would amount to and the right thing to do was just be content and grateful for all that I did have in life, a comfortable existence, my family and friends, a husband who loved me, a vocation and some hobbies that kept me busy and feeling productive. 

But I knew better than to wish for or take on too much since it had become clear I would not succeed and I could not handle it health-wise, even if it was something I really, really wanted.

And I lived most of my life like this with a forced smile on my face radiating the air of peace and fulfillment.

But inside, I was slipping deeper and ever darker into isolation.

                Gratitude grew into lassitude.

               Spiritual solitude became hermitude.

               Contemplation transformed to rumination

              ….and this was my spiritual version of ACCEPTANCE.  I had settled for something so much less than what I was capable of.

We know that our existence and experience needs to be cherished, nourished, celebrated and shared. We understand that we are here to create and express ourselves and rise to meet our soul’s divine potential. Just as I experienced, you have unique gifts to bring to this world but you haven't been able to fulfill the charge...YET. 

I felt called to participate in the world, as a creative being, artist and spiritual teacher, but I was filled with fear of being seen…in case I came up short again, lest I would fail. I knew I was dying inside. 

I needed to express myself, but I had become my own biggest obstacle to joy, self expression and fulfillment in what I knew was a precious and limited time in this incarnate life. And I knew THIS was not my true self.

So I did not quit and neither can you.

I could not quit (heaven knows how many times I tried) because my soul would not let me give in until I expressed my divine gifts.  And your soul won’t rest either until it expresses its divinity through you.

Mustering my passion for this truly profound purpose, I pursued many self-healing modalities until I found the way to renew myself, and others who were experiencing the same resistance to progress. I created Soul Tree Akashic Healing with NeuroSound, which combines Akashic therapy, acoustic neuroscience, creative applications of primordial wisdom resources to restore the original, harmonious YOU, from spiritual, to energetic right down to the physical cellular level. 

The key is in synchronized healing of the whole you, not just sporadically body, mind or spirit.

Soul Tree Akashic Healing combined with NeuroSound methods gently and powerfully dismantles and creatively redirects stubborn blocks and resistance that keeps you from living the way you were intended to be.

How does the Soul Tree Akashic Healing program work?

First, we begin with a detailed and comprehensive Akashic reading that pinpoints all the self-imposed blocks and restrictions that are holding you back. Then the work for change begins in earnest, starting at spiritual level, then energetic…and we move deeper to address the physical cellular level where trauma and memories are embedded. Lasting change comes with reinforcement for cellular reprogramming with the aid of NeuroSound (see below) plus new actions YOU take through creative expressions that really delve into shadow work to give all the trapped vital force energy that is freed up the healthiest outlet for your conscious awareness and creativity.

I only want for you to feel free, to experience the joy of living your soul’s purpose as I have finally been able to do, to feel the space and bliss of Inner Freedom that allows your unique, original Outer Expression to freely flow. You may have to look deep within to know to your hope and soul’s strength is there. But the craving and hunger you feel right now for something more than just getting by like this is proof of its existence and it no longer needs to elude your grasp any more.

How do I know it’s possible for you?

Many of my clients have gotten unstuck & reduced their inhibition – these are the solid transformations they have experienced with Soul Tree Akashic Healing:


Ease in taking bold new action

Elimination of chronic health issues

Restored & revitalized passion for life

A permanent shift to innate joy

Increased creative self-expression

Heightened intuition and awareness

If you are ready to try something different and live the life you know deep within you is possible, then I invite you to take a moment to fill out the form below and schedule time to talk with me - it’s absolutely free and it can work for you if you choose so. Ultimately, you have nothing to lose, when there is SO MUCH to gain. For information on NeuroSound, click on the icon below the application form.

I so look forward to meeting you and seeing how I can help you on your soul’s path of growth, so you can live a life of Inner Freedom and Outer Expression.

Thank you for contacting me about Soul Tree Akashic Healing. I will be in touch with you very soon to see how I may be able to help you move forward with clarity, confidence and connection to your spiritual essence, Warmly, Anjali
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What clients say about the transformations they've experienced with this program:

"Reconnected to my Higher Power"

“Ever since 9/11, I hadn’t been okay.  After that day, I didn’t feel the same. It’s like I had lost my connection inside to the Higher Power. My prayers felt like they weren’t going anywhere anymore. I felt so disconnected. I began to despair. I did the Soul Tree [Structure Program] with Anjali. As she was doing the alchemical healing, I literally could feel something in my heart area reconnecting. I saw colors of purple and green and felt this incredible change inside after that moment, and it hasn’t gone away. The reconnection I feel with my higher self and the Higher Power is back. I’m amazed, and so thankful.”

"The body can heal itself!"

“I have had more traumas in my life than I want to admit or count. Abuse, sexual violation, infidelity, abandonment, you name it. I noticed I had a lump on my throat that wasn’t going away. I could feel it inside when I swallowed, and I could also feel it with my fingers. Anjali taught me that my throat is the place where my ability to express myself resides, and the body has the spiritual capacity to heal itself and I believe that, so I was willing to try an experiment.  She guided me through [Soul Tree] Akashic Healing where I was able to address the lump in my throat, but really, it was about my being unable to speak up and stand up for myself in relationships. I noticed in about a week or two, the size of the lump had receded enough that I could hardly feel it anymore. That wasn’t the most important thing, though. I find myself better able to forgive and move forward with more confidence to stand up for myself in relationships.”

"With NeuroSound,I'm a better friend to myself now"

"I spent my whole life avoiding rejection and disapproval, but was still stuck trying to get approval and acceptance wherever I could. I never felt good about myself just the way I was, or could do what I enjoy in life without worrying what others thought if I don’t meet crazy expectations that don’t fit who I am. I began the program of Akashic Sound Healing with Soul Tree and the NeuroSounds are like meditations to me. They put me in a relaxed state. Over the last year, it’s easier for me to just do what I like to do, without thinking and worrying, like taking new classes, playing sports for fun etc…. I try new things with less fear and resistance. I enjoy my own company so much more now that I’m not beating up on myself the way I used to. Life feels fun for the first time and not like a judged performance or a test!