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Soul Tree Akashic Healing is an alchemical
process for Inner Freedom and Outer Expression

Akashic Truth & Wisdom Access

Neuroscience-based Sound Healing

By doing work in the Akashic realm, you gain a longer-arc higher perspective and a clearer point of view.  Each of us is interconnected and at the very core of ourselves is a spirited being that is the true Self. We are not our body or brain, our mind or ego  as our being extends to infinite levels beyond the physical manifestation. We are much more complex and aware than we appear to be. In this crazy world, we have forgotten our spirit nature and have lost awareness of how vast, powerful and capable we truly are. 

By accessing cosmic consciousness that is Akasha, and working in the soul record, subconscious and superconscious resources of wisdom gleaned from your own journey and experience can be reached and utilized in actions for the here and now.  This process is crucial in order to Live Your Inspiration. It is possible to access wisdom and knowledge from the soul and Higher Self so that you can Know Yourself as much more than what you see, think and emote. This is the single most effective pathway to Self-Mastery because it re-aligns you to your truth, releases the bindings within from all that is false. There is no better way to proceed in life than this. A lifestyle of Inner Freedom and Outer Expression cannot be cultivated without this approach.

There is nothing more empowering than Knowing Yourself, using your true gifts to better the world, and Living your Inspiration from a place both higher and deeper than where you are now. Because you can make new and different choices than in the past. Akashic wisdom access allows for profound understanding, a broadening of awareness as well as alchemical healing within giving rise to change and growth never before thought possible.

When working in the Akashic realm of our experience, we are able to discern our true purpose and intentions for living because when it comes down to it, we learn all that we are, and exactly what we are not. Because each of us is gifted with free-will, we make new choices toward essential meaning from there.

Based on mind-body healing research by experts such as Dr. Deepak Chopra (Quantum Healing), Dr. Candice Pert (Molecules of Emotion), Dr. Jeffrey Thompson (Neuroacoustic Research Center), and Dr. Bruce Lipton (Biology of Belief), the peaceful, earthy and intergalactic floating sonicscapes of NeuroSound gets down to the cellular level by shifting the brain’s state of consciousness to reinforce spiritual healing, to bring about transformation at energetic and physical levels.

Healing with sound has been part of humanity’s repertoire for well-being and spiritual development since ancient times. NeuroSound utilizes all the established wisdom of the ancients up to cutting edge modern neuroscience research of how our brains (and bodies) respond to sound.

It has been scientifically proven that cell receptor sites retain the trapped vital force energy of memories and emotions that block normal function. This energy is transferred to new cells as they are created, thus keeping it stuck there until it is released by an external impulse for change.

Soul Tree Akashic Healing combined with the proprietary technology of NeuroSound safely and gently transmutes and releases this trapped energy and allows your body, mind, and spirit to heal and function as they are designed to. It could be a single childhood trauma, a recurring theme in your life or relationships, or a series of connected negative beliefs that is creating the stuck energy.

NeuroSound is Soul Tree’s proprietary sound therapy that aids to maintain lasting change from your Soul Tree Akashic Healing and is designed to support you on your path to Self-Masteryl. There are six main categories of sound healing, depending on the exact nature of Akashic healing reinforcement you require. In many cases, the audio program can be individualized to your particular energetic transformation needs.

Creative Explorations

Current neuroscience and mindfulness research (Mind and Life Institute) shows that both the right environment and specific activities that foster “Intention – Attention – No Tension” provide the most transforming opportunities for rewiring and forming new neural patterns. Actively choosing new pathways away from negativity and routine lead to healthier states of being, increased self-awareness and self-acceptance and incomparable vitality. 

Creative expression is a proven, necessary key to happiness and fulfillment, and is the safest best practice for bringing awareness to and processing repressed emotions and shining light on the shadow due to its spontaneous nature that  bypasses the thinking mind and encourages a state of pure presence.

Creative explorations are fun, effective and surprising, based solidly on neuroplasticity research and clinical applications. Explorations are available in a closely guided format local or long distance and form the core active element to inner transformation. They help you reclaim Inner Freedom and are the tangible training elements that lead to authentic Outer Expression.

Creative explorations do not focus on specific skills development (ie; writing, art or music technique or theory). This work is about learning how to be yourself in a spiritually nourishing environment, joyfully and judgment-free.  There is a no-entry policy for analysis or judgment from the thinking mind, this is for your soul to explore and shine light on the shadow.

Each of the guided Soul Tree Creative explorations is designed to bypass the thinking mind and preset programming, instead encouraging experiential intuitive development and pre-reflection, accessing the deep human condition, synthesis and integration of the various regions of the brain that wholistically harmonize mind, body and energy. This portion of the program increases efficacy on the way to Self-Mastery, setting you free to make new choices, take new actions and be both productive and receptive to life in ways you never knew you could be. Increased engagement with the world and deeper connection to others is an assured result.

Programs, Courses and Training

Soul Tree’s perspective-expanding courses and programs that utilize the proprietary processes and pathways of Akashic Wisdom access, NeuroSound therapy and Creative Exploration are available and equally effective local or long distance and you can work at your own pace. The work is pinpointedly challenging and effective at drawing you into deep exploration where you are safe to admit truths that were kept locked in denial and to extricate false beliefs and misdirection. Doing the course and program work liberates trapped vital force energy that you can harness for self-expansion and living your inspiration. With ongoing guidance and feedback, you experience facilitated connection with your true, previously unexplored and untapped Self at both a deeper and higher point of view.

Imagine the enjoyment and fulfillment of delving deeply into what matters most, you and your dream of what you want to achieve for this life, with online and downloadable hard-copy multimedia formats for learning and growing experiences that you can do at your own pace, never alone, always connected, with guidance and feedback.

All things worth having take time and require purposeful intention and sustained attention. There is nothing quick-fix about Soul Tree programs, the pathways and processes are carefully designed. They work cumulatively over time, but the results come quicker than you might think. Investing your finances and your effort into getting to know yourself so you can live your inspiration is more than worth it if it transforms your life from where you are now. You choose to invest toward your enlightenment and personal mastery once you consider the costs of staying where you are in life, still looking backwards for what went wrong and not having any sense of certain direction to take.

All courses and programs are individual pathways to Self-Mastery and in each, there are many processes for you to explore through listening, watching, reading and writing, and doing creative explorations. This work is a perfect balance of your receptivity and your productivity. Ultimately, all the work comes down to two things: learning to make new choices in alignment with who you are at core level, then taking the next step that leads logically from there.