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A.B. Arnold's poignant story about self-realization centres around Kelly, a young woman whose secret battle to break free from her past impels her to move through her grief and beyond the self-imposed limitations that have affected all aspects of her life, including her closest friendship. 

Kelly's balance shifts after a chance meeting with a well-traveled stranger who becomes her catalyst for change. Turning Points reveals mysteries that hide beneath the image that people show the world: Kelly's turning points inspire her to push past her insecurities, test her limits of loyalty, and ultimately redefine her with a new emergence of creativity and personal growth. 

Set in the panoramic surroundings of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Turning Points is a novel for courageous readers who long to understand others at a deeper level. Interwoven between the chapters' narrative is Kelly's mesmerizing and emotionally challenging poetry...

...and readers will find themselves compassionately searching within for their own deepest truths.

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Home Intro Background

Intro to "Home"  -  Theme for Turning Points  -  composed and arranged by A.B. Arnold


In A.B. Arnold's first novel, natural prose is punctuated by Kelly’s intuitive personal poetry that unveils her muddy truths and murky grief.  

Her journal reveals her unique and mysterious process of creative growth, the reader will find an inspiring story of one woman’s need to break free, and her choice to break through. 

Get ready for an “i-magic-ally” written journey of the heart!

Reader Reviews

A.B. Arnold has written a stirring story about moving forward for people who have loved and lost, and for anyone who has found themselves overcome by tragedy - N. Lewis

The characters of Turning Points are natural, and the novel oscillates between witty humor and true poignancy in the very real and knotty twists of friendship, love and loyalty.  A.B. Arnold evokes readers’ compassion for each of them.

                                                                        B. Kenzie

Turning Points is a down-to-earth novel that every reader will relate to- it truly will make you laugh out loud on one page then feel the deep wrench of heartache on the next page. I feel Fader’s Café is the perfect setting for key moments in the story, as I have had my own best insights in coffee shops. Reading this book transported me to the Maritime setting and connected me to nature. A.B. Arnold makes me want to plan my next vacation to Nova Scotia, just to see where Kelly, Rick, and Wendy live!

                                                L. Sinnott, New York City

I loved “Turning Points”!  I couldn't put the book down, and stayed up until 2 a.m. reading it!  The story was very real as the characters evolved and revealed themselves in a very natural manner. The ending was positive and upbeat, but not saccharine.  I appreciated that their growth took time, just as in real life, and you could feel the patience required for their healing.  Thank you for sharing your creation with me!

                                                 J. Wilson, Colorado

This is an impressive first book, written by A.B.Arnold. This writer has the ability to bring her characters to life through a story that offers something for every reader- a journey of personal discovery, a little mystery, beautiful poetry, and finding true love. I look eagerly forward to enjoying more books by this talented new author. 

                                 J.A. Sydney, Nova Scotia